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We are two North German princesses stranded for the love for the island on Tenerife.
We are not looking for a dream prince, but we would like to accompany you during the search of your dream home.
In our real estate boutique, you do not have to kiss a frog or solve three difficult tasks to become king as a customer.
You are welcome to try it, maybe it works: -)
Together with you we make our way to your dream castle.
According to your ideas, this can be an apartment with a dream view, an enchanted studio, a villa under palm trees, an enchanted finca in the orchard, a fairytale house near the beach or a property in the middle of the kingdom.
We give you time to look for real estate, a smile, open ears and our attention, so that you arrive at the destination of your real estate dreams even without your Fairy Godmother and magic.
You are welcome to search the entire Internet. We acquire your desired object for you and stand by your side until the purchase.
Visit us in our real estate boutique.
We look forward to meeting you!
Kind regards
Sarah & Wibke

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